Fila Brasileiro


The Fila Brasileiro has features that resemble a Mastiff. Its massive head is characterized by large folds that start at the crown and extend down to the eyes and the sides of the face. The nose and mouth are large. The ears are large, fold inward, and hang down almost in line with the jaw line. The coat is short and smooth. The skin is noticeably loose at the neck and the broad chest area. The back is level and strong. The tail extends just below the back and slightly curls upward.


The most notable traits of the Fila Brasileiro are its strong will to protect its family, its friendly and loving attitude, and its surprising gentle nature. The good news about the Fila is that it is inbred with these wonderful traits. Training is basically only necessary to teach the breed his place in the household. The breed is one of a few that will actually tolerate the unpredictable and often rough nature of young children. Supervision is still recommended because of the breedтАЩs size. The unfortunate side of the Fila temperament is that it is unpredictable around people it does not know. Many breeds can be trained to be friendly toward visitors, but the Fila is inbred to distrust people it does not know.

Height and Weight

The Fila Brasileiro is an average of 25-29 inches and weighs 90-110 pounds.

Health Problems

The Fila Brasileiro is suceptible to Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA) and gastric torsion. It may also develop hip and elbow dysplasi.

Ideal Living Conditions

Owners of the Fila Brasileiro typically live on farms in rural areas. The breed usually exists in a working capacity. If it is chosen as a pet, it will require a significant amount of space that is generally not afforded to urban dwellers. Nevertheless, the breed will do fine in this type of environment, as long as there is a large yard for it to obtain physical exercise. A well-built fence must surround the yard.


The Fila Brasileiro has a moderate energy level and requires a significant amount of exercise. Instead of extreme physical activities, it is best to indulge the breed in mild forms of exercise, such as walking.

Life Expectancy

The Fila Brasileiro has an average life expectancy of 9-11 years.

Litter Size

The Fila Brasileiro has an average litter of 8-10 puppies.


A smooth coat, such as what the Fila Brasileiro has is very low maintenance. Brushing the coat and smoothing it with a damp towel is sufficient grooming for the breed’s coat. Washing the coat is only necessary when the breed has spent time in brush and the coat has become full of debris.






A variety of colors are acceptable for the Fila Brasileiro. The coat can be a single color or a combination of colors. The coat is typically a brown or black color. The only colors that are not acceptable are predominately white, dark gray, and a combination coat of tan and black. If white is on the coat, it should only exist in the form of minimal markings on the chest, feet, and the end of the tail.