Field Spaniel


A luxurious coat and gentle facial features are the most outstanding features of the Field Spaniel. The head and most of the facial features are medium size. The eyes are typically a light brown color and almond shaped. Just below the eyes, the feathered ears are set and hang down to the top of the chest. The nose is prominent and typically matches the color of the coat. The neck is moderately long and very well developed. The tail, which may be docked, is set just beneath the back. The single layer coat is feathered at the chest, down the underside, and the backside of the legs.


Spaniels are generally mild mannered, and the Field Spaniel is no different. The breed is definitely an asset to its family. In addition to being an excellent bird dog, it gets along with everyone in its household. Due to the breedтАЩs sensitive nature, it is recommended that young children be supervised when interacting with the dog. Keeping it busy or working is a must, as it can get into trouble if it becomes bored. Energy and affection abound within the breed. A home that embraces these traits is best for the Field Spaniel. Spaniels have a tendency to be timid. Training is usually very successful with this breed, as long as it is gentle.

Height and Weight

The average height of the Field Spaniel is 18 inches. The average weight of the breed is 35-50 pounds.

Health Problems

The Field Spaniel is not at risk for any serious health problems, but some types may develop hip dysplasia. As with most Spaniels, the Field Spaniel is also prone to infections of the ear. Some Field Spaniels may develop disease of the thyroid.

Ideal Living Conditions

The best environment for the Field Spaniel is one with a significant amount of space. If the breed is placed in a yard, it should be large enough for it to get sufficient exercise. The yard should also be enclosed with a well-built fence. When there is insufficient space for the breed to run around, it can become destructive. This becomes an increasing problem when the breed is kept indoors. It may destroy property and have behavioral problems.


A significant amount of exercise is recommended for the Field Spaniel. High impact exercises, such as running are recommended. If the breed is kept outdoors it will probably obtain plenty of exercise. Indoor types are at a greater risk of becoming inactive and destructive from a lack of exercise. Opportunities for daily exercise will benefit indoor types greatly.

Life Expectancy

The Field Spaniel has a life expectancy of 10-12 years.

Litter Size

The Field Spaniel has an average of 8 puppies.


A professional groomer is recommended to clip or trim the breed’s coat. Other than this, only brushing the coat several times each week is required. Special attention should also be given to the breed’s ears.




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The Field Spaniel is brown or black.