Estrela Mountain Dog


The Estrela Mountain Dog exists with either a long and coarse outer coat or an outer coat that is short and thick. Aside from the coat, the two types of the breed look the same. Its frame features well developed muscles. Its neck is broad and short. Its back is level, but not as long as the breed is tall. The tail hangs low near the hocks, unless the dog is in motion. It has a long and broad head. Set high atop the head, the ears are small and shaped like a rounded triangle.


The Estrela Mountain Dog is a breed that seeks to protect its family. It is very suspicious of people and dogs that are not part of its family. Its protective nature makes it an excellent companion for children, although supervision is always recommended when children interact with any breed of dog. Some types may exhibit stubborn behavior. The breed is responsive to obedience training sessions. Harsh obedience training is not recommended for this breed. It is much more responsive to training that is firm, yet gentle. Establishing a relationship with the breed is also helpful when training the Estrela Mountain Dog.

Height and Weight

Male height: 25-28 inchesMale weight: 66-110 poundsFemale height: 24-27 inchesFemale weight: 66-110 pounds

Health Problems

The Estrela Mountain Dog is a generally healthy breed, however, it may have allergy problems.

Ideal Living Conditions

The Estrela Mountain Dogs are best kept outdoors where they can run free. If they are kept outdoors in a yard that is confining, they may be tempted to escape. A well-developed fence is a definite must to prevent the dog from escaping. The dog was bred to survive in the mountains and will feel most comfortable in open spaces.


Taking the Estrela Mountain Dog for a walk that lasts thirty minutes to an hour is sufficient exercise for the breed. Exercise is recommended for both outdoor and indoor types.

Life Expectancy

The Estrela Mountain Dog typically has a life expectancy of 9-12 years.

Litter Size

The litter size of the estrela Mountain Dog varies, but is typically 3-12 puppies.


Brushing is basically all the Estela Mountain Dog needs. The breed has a molting period and more brushing is required. A comb may work better when the coat is molting.


The Estrela Mountain Dog has an existence that is estimated to have begun in early 19th century


Flock Guardian


The acceptable colors for the Estrela Mountain Dog include dark yellow, red, and reddish gold. The coat may be a single color or a combination of the colors mentioned.