The Eskapoo is a hybrid breed that is developed by crossing an American Eskimo Dog with a Poodle. The breed has the traditional Poodle coat of wavy or very curly fur. Its coat consists of two layers. The bottom layer is more dense and close to its body. The coat acts serves to protect the breed in extreme weather conditions. It has a body that is compact, but well built. The chest is deep.


The Eskapoo is the crossbreeding of two dogs that are comparable in temperament. It is a happy breed that is a suitable family companion. The breed is a good-natured dog, but should be trained at an early age for best results. It gets along with children and other pets (including dogs).

Height and Weight

The Eskapoo is about 9-16 inches tall and weighs about 20 pounds.

Health Problems

The Eskapoo is a hybrid breed and is not currently associated with any health problems. Conditions may not exist at this time, but it is a good idea to have the breed examined for any health problems.

Ideal Living Conditions

The Eskapoo can reside indoors or outdoors. However, it is recommended that this breed be kept indoors since it will have a much happier disposition when it is close to its family.


The Eskapoo has an average energy level. It will appreciate daily opportunities for exercise.

Life Expectancy

The Eskapoo has not been in existence long enough for its life expectancy to be determined.

Litter Size

The Eskapoo may have as few as 5 and as many as 8 puppies.


The coat of the Eskapoo should be brushed on a regular basis to keep it well groomed. A professional groomer can help to keep the coat well maintained.


The Eskapoo originates from the United States




The Eskapoo has parents that include an American Eskimo Dog and Poodle. Although the physical appearance of the Eskapoo may vary, the white-to-cream coat of the American Eskimo Dog is dominant in the Eskapoo.