Entlebucher Mountain Dog


The Entlebucher Mountain Dog is an average sized breed with a body that is built for swift reaction. The torso is lengthy and strong with a straight back. It has a chest that is both broad and deep. There is a smooth transition from the muscular neck to the torso. All of its limbs are sturdy and strapping. The shoulders are slightly angular. The head is broad, but in balance with the body. The nose is black and is more prominent than its other facial features. The eyes are round and either a dark or light brown color. The ears are set wide apart and remain close to its head unless the breed is at attention.


The apparent visible strength of the Entlebucher Mountain Dog is one of the reasons the breed is an effective dog for guarding property. Despite its build, The Entlebucher is actually an affable breed. It is a good choice for a childтАЩs pet, as it appreciates energetic activity and is not easily upset. If someone visits the household of the pet, it will likely restrain its natural cheerful attitude until it is more familiar with the visitor. The breed quickly responds to training that is firm. It is generally friendly to other pets in its household, but may exhibit less than friendly behavior with dogs of its same gender.

Height and Weight

Male height: 16-22 inchesMale weight: 55-70 weightFemale height: 16-22 inchesFemale weight: 55-70 pounds

Health Problems

The Entlebucher Mountain Dog is a basically healthy breed. However, there are some disorders for which it is prone to develop. The most notable health concerns include hip dysplasia, Progressive Retinal Atrohpy (PRA) and cataracts. The breed may also develop problems with its eyes.

Ideal Living Conditions

The Entlebucher Mountain Dog requires a significant amount of space. It is an energetic breed that is not suitable for apartment living. It will do fine indoors as long as it has space to get physical exercise. Outdoor living is only recommended for the breed when the temperature is cool. The breed does not fair well in warm temperatures.


Exercise is a must for the Entlebucher Mountain Dog. The breed has a significant amount of energy and needs plenty of opportunities for physical exercise. An Entlebucher Mountain Dog, in particular requires daily exercise because it may become destructive.

Life Expectancy

The Entlebucher Mountain Dog generally has a life span of 11-13 years.

Litter Size

The Entlebucher Mountain Dog tends to have a litter size of 5-12 puppies.


The Entlebucher Mountain Dog has a smooth coat that requires only regular brushing. In addition to brushing, smoothing the coat with a cloth can heighten the glossy look of the coat. The breed also has basic grooming needs, as with all dogs.






The Entlebucher Mountain Dog’s coat is comprised of three colors: white, tan, and black.