English Shepherd


Bred as a protector of livestock, the English Shepherd is a dog designed to react quickly. Its body is medium in size, but it is very well built. Its head is average in size. The ears are set somewhat far apart, are short, and hang loosely. It has a long nose. The facial features are dark. It usually has a pleasant expression. The coat is thick, long, and slightly wavy. It is most abundant on the torso, chest, and tail. The coat shouldnтАЩt be too thick. The coat just about obscures it, but the neck is somewhat short and lean. The chest, which is deep and broad is also covered with fur.


The English Shepherd is an excellent herding and hunting dog and family pet. As a worker it is diligent and trustworthy. It will protect a herd at all cost and earnestly guide its owner on hunting expeditions. As a pet the breed is well mannered and affable. It is one of few breeds that get along with other dogs in its household. This behavior is associated with its protective nature. It may act unfriendly toward people it does not know, especially if a dog is accompanying the strangers. Although the breed can adapt well as a pet, it is most favorable to an environment in which it is both a worker and a pet.

Height and Weight

The English Shepherd is approximately 18-24 inches tall and weighs about 35-65 pounds.

Health Problems

Overall, the English Shepherd tends to be a healthy breed. However, some types may develop hip dysplasia.

Ideal Living Conditions

A rural environment is most suitable for the English Shepherd. The breed is generally bred to function in a working capacities. It can become content in an urban environment as long as it has a significant amount of space to run free. The breed will do fine in confining environments, but it will require more physical exercise. Apartments are not typically appropriate for the English Shepherd since the space is limited.


The English Shepherd is a moderately energetic breed and will require a significant amount of exercise. Neglecting to exercise the breed can result it in experiencing behavioral changes. The need for exercise is greatest in types that spend most of the day indoors. or in small spaces where it is unable to run free.

Life Expectancy

The English Shepherd lives 12-16 years.

Litter Size

The average number of puppies in an English Shepherd litter is 10.


The English Shepherd doesn’t require much grooming.




There are four different color combinations that are acceptable for the coat of the English Shepherd. The coat can be black with tan or white, white with sable, or tan, white and black.