English Setter


The English Setter is a unique breed. It has a coat that is smooth and lays close to its body. Aside from its back where it is flat and short, the coat is long, wavy, and feathered. The breed has a long head and square muzzle. It generally has large, light-brown eyes and a black nose that is also prominent. The ears are set low and hang down the side of the neck that is only slightly angular. The back legs are angular and the front legs straight, so the torso is slightly sloping. The tail is heavily feathered and is set above the back.


Just as its general appearance, the English Setter is a very graceful and neat breed. It is naturally affectionate and enjoys spending time with its family, including other pets in the household. The kindliness and well-mannered behavior of the breed makes it a very good playmate for children. With all its positive traits, some types of the breed may exhibit less than pleasant behavior. Many owners opt to keep the breed outdoors because housebreaking it can prove challenging. English Setters that spend most of the time outdoors may dig holds and bark unnecessarily. The good news is that the breed is generally reactive to training, as long as it is gentle. Some types may be stubborn.

Height and Weight

Male height: 24-27 inchesMale weight: 55-80 poundsFemale height: 23-26 inchesFemale weight: 45-70 pounds

Health Problems

There aren’t any serious health conditions associated with the English Setter. It is prone to hip dysplasia, as are most breeds. Some types may also develop elbow dysplasia or hypothyroidism.

Ideal Living Conditions

A moderate amount of space works best for the English Setter. Small spaces, such as apartments are not recommended. The strong hunting traits in the breed make it most suitable for outdoor living.


The English Setter can easily become overweight if it does not sufficient exercise. Lack of exercise can also affect its attitude and behavior.

Life Expectancy

The average life expectancy of the English Setter is 10-12 years.

Litter Size

The average litter size of the English Setter is 6-8 puppies.


The coat of the English Setter is prone to matting and tangles. At the very minimum, the coat should be brushed regularly. Combing the coat will also help to keep it smooth and remove loose fur. Trimming and clipping excess fur are also necessary grooming tasks to perform on a regular basis. These tasks are fine for the owner or a professional groomer.


Great Britain


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The unique markings of the English Setter may exist in white and a combination of either blue, tan, yellow, brown, or orange.