English Foxhound


The English Foxhound has a distinctive hound appearance. It stands erect on straight front legs and well-angulated back legs. The hocks are well muscled and elongated. This breedтАЩs head is average in size with a long muzzle and slight stop. The crown of its head is somewhat round. It has dark facial features. The nose is larger than average, but not prominent. Its ears are set above eye level and hang down past the chin. Its neck is well muscled and only slightly angles to smooth shoulders and a very straight back. Its tail is average in length and is typically carried erect. Its coat is short and smooth.


The English Foxhound is happy and very friendly breed. It gets along with its family and other people outside of its family. This breed is an excellent playmate for children. It does fine with other dogs. This is a highly trainable breed that is usually very submissive to its owner. While the English Foxhound is an excellent family companion, it is bred for hunting. When properly trained it will cover various forms of terrain.

Height and Weight

The average height of the English Foxhound is 21-24 inches. The average weight of the breed is 65-70 pounds.

Health Problems

The English Foxhound tends to be very healthy. The breed is only susceptible to conditions that are common to most dogs.

Ideal Living Conditions

The English Foxhound is a breed that is definitely more suitable for outdoor living. This breed requires a significant amount of space for physical activity. An rural environment is ideal for this breed, but it will do fine within a moderate-size yard.


The English Foxhound is a breed with an extremely high energy level. It should have the opportunity for physical activity on a regular basis. In addition to having a high energy level, it also has a high endurance level. This breed can endure vigorous physical activity for a significant amount of time. An owner that engages in such physical activity will appreciate the company of this breed.

Life Expectancy

The English Foxhound has an average life expectancy of 6 years.

Litter Size

The English Foxhound has an average of 10 puppies.


The English Foxhound has a short coat that does not require much more than regular brushing. The breed does shed its coat during shedding season, but it does not do so to an excessive level. The coat can be washed, but only when necessary.


The English Foxhound originates from Great Britain.




There are three color possibilities for the coat of the English Foxhound: light brown, white, and black.