English Cocker Spaniel


The appearance of the English Cocker Spaniel s delicate yet strong. The breed is well known for its coat that has a luxurious feel and look. Its coat is smooth and should not extend too much in any area of its body. Its fur may be feathered on its underside and legs. Its ears, that are long and smooth, are also characteristic of its appearance. The dog is medium in stature, but has well-developed limbs. It ha a gentle expression. The eyes are bright and large, but not bulging. The facial features are dark.


Very few breeds are as pleasant as the English Cocker Spaniel. It is lively and enjoys interaction with people. Its gentle and playful nature makes it a great playmate for children, as long as the child isnтАЩt too rough. As with any breed of dog, young children should not be left alone with the English Cocker Spaniel. It is bred a hunter and seeks to please its owner, although some types are know to be stubborn. Their gentle nature enables it to easily coexist with other pets in the household.

Height and Weight

Male height: 15-17 inchesMale weight: 28-34 poundsFemale height: 28-34 inchesFemale weight: 26-32 pounds

Health Problems

The English Cocker Spaniel is similar to other Spaniel breeds in that it is susceptible to infections of the ear. It is important to check the ears for trapped bacteria and debris on a regular basis.

Ideal Living Conditions

The most suitable living condition for the English Cocker Spaniel is outdoors in a yard of medium size. Smaller environments, such as in an apartment will suit the breed fine. What is most important is that the breed have sufficient space for exercise.


The English Cocker Spaniel has endurance and appreciates challenging physical activity. It enjoys swimming, running, and most other physical activities.

Life Expectancy

The English Cocker Spaniel has a general life expectancy of 12-15 years.

Litter Size

The average litter size is 4-6 puppies.


As with most Spaniels, the English Cocker Spaniel should be brushed on a regular basis to maintain its smoothness. When brushing the coat it is important to remove any tangles or loose fur. More brushing is required during heavy shedding months. If trimming is necessary, the services of a professional groomer is recommended. The ears are long and can trap bacteria. It is recommended that the ears be checked on a daily basis.


The English Cocker Spaniel is a breed that has existed for many years.


Gun, Sporting


The English Cocker Spaniel is brown, red, black or a combination of colors. The acceptable markings are red or tan.