English Bulldog


The general appearance of the English Bulldog is very distinctive. It is a short breed that is massive in body, head, and jaws. The neck is so thick that it is almost ambiguous. Its shoulders are set wide and are muscular, along with its front and hind legs. The chest is broad and low. The face features large folds that are heaviest from the nose to the jaw line. The ears are short and triangular and fold slightly inward toward the face. The eyes are set wide apart. The tail is short and hangs low.


The sheer presence of the English Bulldog is enough to keep intruders at bay. What intruders donтАЩt know is that the breed has a natural even-tempered personality and is very loveable. It is so affectionate that it can become depressed if it doesnтАЩt receive the attention it needs. It will be patient with children, but supervision is always recommended. It is generally amicable with other pets, but may not coexist peacefully with other dogs. While the breed is essentially tame, it may exhibit overbearing tendencies if it is not taught at a young age that the behavior is unacceptable.

Height and Weight

The average height of the English Bulldog is 12-16 inches. The average weight of the breed is 53-55 pounds. Female types tend to weigh a few pounds less than male types.

Health Problems

The English Bulldog is not associated with major health conditions. The breed can become easily winded and typically has less than perfect eyesight. The breed may also suffer from problems with its knee and hip joints.

Ideal Living Conditions

The English Bulldog will do fine indoors in an apartment, but it is better suited for outdoor living so that it does not become inactive. However, indoor living is more suitable for this breed in climates with extreme weather conditions.


Exercise is a benefit of all breeds. The English Bulldog either welcomes or loathes exercise. In either case, regular exercise is important. The breed doesn’t need a significant amount of exercise. Short walks in a park or around its household block are sufficient.

Life Expectancy

The English Bulldog has an average life expectancy of 8 years.

Litter Size

The English Bulldog has an average of 4-5 puppies.


Maintaining the English Bulldog coat should not prove difficult. All the is required is a light combing or brushing on a regular basis. More brushing or combing may be necessary during shedding seasons, although the breed only sheds mildly. It is a good idea to make sure the wrinkles on the face do not have any dirt or bacteria trapped between them. To prevent this from happening, it is a good idea to wash the face often.




Mastifff, Non-Sporting


The acceptable colors for the English Bulldog include white, yellow, light brown, or red. A combination of any of the colors is also acceptable.