When most people think of the Dalmatian, they think of a white dog with black spots. This is definitely the dogтАЩs most identifiable characteristic. The Dalmatian has a well-balanced frame. It is equal in both height and length. It is slender and has a graceful appearance. From The front legs are strong and straight. The hindlegs are very angular. Rising from its level back is a long and angular neck. Set high on the head, the ears are larger at the crown of the head and become narrow as they reach the base of the jaw. Its coat is short and very close to its body. The spots, which may be black, yellow, blue, or brown, do not appear on the coat at birth.


The most significant trait of the Dalmatian is its endurance. It can spend a considerable number of hours being active. Its high energy makes it an unsuitable playmate for young children. The breed will coexist amiably with other pets in its household. Training is essential for the Dalmatian to learn socialization skills and to thwart any aggressive behavior. It tends to be oversensitive. Owners can expect a loyal friend in the breed. It will not do well if left alone most of the time.

Height and Weight

The average male Dalmatian is about 22-24 inches tall while the average height of a female Dalmatian is 20-22 inches. Male and female Dalmatians are similar in weight: about 55 pounds.

Health Problems

Dalmatians are associated with urinary tract infections and allergies of the skin. It is recommended that owners of Dalmatians consult a veterinarian for nutrition advice to prevent the health conditions. Some types are born deaf.

Ideal Living Conditions

The ideal living condition for the Dalmatian is one that allows it to expend its high energy. A home with a backyard is very suitable. Keeping the breed indoors in a small place is not a good idea, since it will seek ways to release its energy.


Exercise is something that the Dalmatian definitely appreciates. It truly loves opportunities to release its energy. Exercise should be given daily. The breed has the stamina to endure high-octane exercises, such as running.

Life Expectancy

The average life expectancy of the Dalmatian is about 10-12 years.

Litter Size

An average litter size of 8.


The Dalmatian is a breed that sheds heavily every six months. When the coat is shedding, it is necessary to brush the coat more often. Not much more grooming is required.


There are several different theories about the origin of the Dalmatian.


Gun, Non-Sporting


The spotted coat of the Dalmatian is very well known. The coat is a base color of white. The spots are either black or brown, although other colors are acceptable.