The Coonhound is a breed with a typical hound appearance. The breed is well muscled and strong. It has a wide head that is somewhat round at the crown. Its muzzle is moderate in length with a slight stop. The facial features are dark in color (usually brown or black). This breedтАЩs neck is average in length and well muscled. The neck extends smoothly to its straight back. The front limbs are strong and straight. The back legs are also strong, but well angled. Its coat is medium length and thick. The coat has a shiny appearance, but acts to protect the breed in various environments.


The Coonhound is an enjoyable family pet and hunting companion. It usually can get along with everyone in its family. However, it may chase small pets in its household. It is recommended that the breed be raised with other pets that may live in its household. The breedтАЩs even temperament makes it a great companion for children. However, this breed or no other dog should be left alone with very young children. Training this breed early is essential to prevent any excessive temperaments. The breed generally responds well to training.

Height and Weight

Male height: 22-27 inchesMale weight: 50-75 poundsFemale height: 21-26 inchesFemale weight: 45-65 pounds

Health Problems

The Coonhound is generally a healthy breed. There are no major or minor health conditions associated with this breed. Although it is a healthy breed, it is recommended that owners have this breed evaluated by a veterinarian.

Ideal Living Conditions

The Coonhound can reside indoors, but it usually does not stay active. It is recommended that this breed remain outdoors in a moderate-size yard that is enclosed with a well-built fence. The breed typically does fine in most environments.


The Coonhound has a significant need for exercise. It has a high endurance level and enjoys being active. Indoor types require more exercise since they tend to be inactive. A good run or long walk is great exercise for this breed.

Life Expectancy

The Coonhound is a healthy breed that tends to live more than 10 years.

Litter Size

The Coonhound has an average litter size of 5-8 puppies.


The short and smooth coat of the Coonhound requires only an occasional brushing. A soft and damp cloth can also be used to clean the coat.


The Coonhound is a breed that originated in the U.S.




The coat of the Coonhound can have a variety of colors, such as solid tan, a combination of tan and black, and a combination of black and white.