The Collie is a large and sprightly breed. Its lean and muscular frame enables it to move light on its feet. It has elongated features. The torso is longer than it is tall. The back is straight and rounds at the tail. There is very little space between the high-set ears that tend to curve in slightly toward the face. The fur is long and profuse over most of the body. The fur on the face is smooth. The muzzle typically has black and beige markings and is long.


The Collie is an all around first-rate dog. Its loyalty to its family is well known and often depicted in fictional stories. It is naturally protective. Training the breed should not prove difficult, but it may balk at harsh techniques. Housetraining is basically a snap. The breed is fine with children and other pets, but supervision is always a good idea since some types may exhibit overly energetic behavior. It is generally pleasant and sociable, however, it may treat strangers with suspicion. Despite their high energy level, some types may act lazy at times.

Height and Weight

Male height: 24-26 inchesMale weight: 60-70 poundsFemale height: 22-24 inchesFemale weight: 50-65 pounds

Health Problems

Health problems are not common with the Collie. However, some types may develop eye and hip problems.

Ideal Living Conditions

The Collie is a large breed that is more suited for outdoor living in a moderate-size yard. However, it is perfectly fine living in an apartment or other small living space.


The Collie is a breed that enjoys physical exercise. If it is kep outdoors it will likely obtain all the exercise it needs. Types kept indoors require more significant exercise.

Life Expectancy

Life expectancy of 14-16 years

Litter Size

An average of 8 puppies


The only grooming the Collie requires is regular brushing. The coat is long and sheds, but for the most part maintains itself. Brushing will keep the coat healthy and free of debris. The coat does have a tendency to matt in some types.


The Collie has a varied history of diligent service to man, competition, and wartime. Beginning in 1




A brownish-black combined with white is the common color for the Collie.