Clumber Spaniel


The Clumber Spaniel is extreme in its length, size, and depth. The breedтАЩs torso is close to the ground and has angular hindlegs that give it a forward-moving profile. Its front legs are straight. The legs are short, but strong. It has a large head with a flat skull. The facial features are also prominent. The ears are large and hang past the chin. The neck is elongated and extends to a straight back. Like other spaniels it has a coat of straight, luxurious fur. The coat is more profuse at the ears, neck, tail, and feet. The tail is short.


The Clumber Spaniel is both an excellent family pet and hunting companion. As with spaniels, the breed is mild-mannered and temperate. It openly expresses devotion to its family and is generally obedient. It s playful with children and will typically remain patient through rough play. It is a sociable breed most of the time, but may act reserved in the presence of strangers. Socializing them through training should prove an easy task since the breed enjoys learning. If it is kept indoors, it has a tendency to gnaw on shoes and other objects in the home in which it can easily chew.

Height and Weight

The Clumber Spaniel is an average height of 16-20 inches and an average weight of 55-85 pounds.

Health Problems

The most common health problems associated with the Clumber Spaniel include cataracts hip dysplasia. If the breed does not obtain sufficient exercise it can become inactive and gain an excessive amount of weight, which can lead to health problems.

Ideal Living Conditions

Since the Clumber Spaniel has a tendency to become inactive indoors, it is better suited for outdoor living. A small yard is suitable for this breed.


The Clumber Spaniel is a low-energy breed and requires a considerable amount of exercise. It enjoys physical play and is able to obtain sufficient exercise this way. The coat is water repellent and the breed enjoys swimming. However, a long daily walk is sufficient exercise for the breed.

Life Expectancy

The Clumber Spaniel has a life expectancy of about 12 years.

Litter Size

An average of 6 puppies


The luxurious coat of the Clumber Spaniel requires a signfiicant amount of maintenance. Brushing the coat on a regular basis will keep the coat healthy, but a professional groomer is recommended for regular trimming. Its ears are long and can easily draw debris and bacteria. Checking and cleaning the ears at least once a week is recommended.


The history of the Clumber Spaniel reportedly began in 18th century France


Gun Dog, Sporting


Many spaniels have a dark brown coat. The Clumber Spaniel is unique in that its coat is mostly white. Some types may have have light-colored markings.