Chinese Shar Pei


The Chinese Shar Pei has a very unique appearance. Wrinkles cover its face and head and extend down the back of the neck to the tail. The wrinkles are more prevalent on at the brow and neck. The collar contains loose skin that is bunched into several folds. The ears are small and bend forward toward the face. Its body is compact with muscular limbs; the hindquarters angled forward. The coat is straight and smooth, but not shiny. The tail is shot and set high and curls up onto the back of the torso. In addition to its wrinkles, the blue and black tongue is also a distinguishing feature of the breed.


Dominance is a natural trait of the Chinese Shar Pei. Training is imperative when the breed is puppy to ensure that it understands its place in the family. Otherwise, it can bully other pets in the household as well as its owner. It is generally obedient and mild mannered. Despite its size, it will play gently with children. Supervision is always recommended when the Chinese Shar Pei or any other breed interacts with very young children. It may exhibit stubbornness and independence, but not to a severe level. The breed is friendly, but cautious around strangers.

Height and Weight

The average height of the Chinese Shar Pei is 18-20 inches.The average weight of the breed is 40-55 pounds.

Health Problems

The Chinese Shar Pei is a relatively healthy breed. It is susceptible to skin infections and some types develop kidney failure.

Ideal Living Conditions

Despite its size, the Chinese Shar Pei will do fine indoors. Small living conditions, such as in an apartment are also fine. The key to its success however, is exercise. If it has a regular outlet for its energy it can easily stay indoors on a regular basis.


Energetic and massive in size, the Chinese Shar Pei requires daily exercise. A long walk or jog is sufficient exercise for the breed. It has a natural aversion to heat, so early morning or late evening exercise is better during warm months.

Life Expectancy

An average life expectancy of 10 years.

Litter Size

An average of 5 puppies.


The Chinese Shar Pei can have a coarse or smooth coat. While both types shed, the coarse coat sheds throughout the year. The smooth coat type sheds only occasionally. Brushing the coat is sufficient for the smooth coat. The coarse coat tends to be bushy and is easier maintained using a comb.


There is no documentation of when the Chinese Shar Pei originated




Any color is acceptable for the Chinese Shar Pei, although most are a solid color.