Chinese Crested


Many dog breeds typically have a single physical characteristic that sets them apart from other breeds. The Chinese Crested is unique in many ways. There are two types of the breed and they are different in appearance. There is a Hairless and Power Puff Chinese Crested. In both types, there is a definite delicateness of the breed that gives it an appearance of elegance. For the hairless types only the crown of the head, feet, and tail are have fur. The coat in these areas is glossy and soft. The coat of the Powder Puff type is long and soft. What the types have in common are a long and slim neck, large and high-set ears, and long legs. Both types also have a small body. The face features a dark nose and almond-shaped eyes.


In parallel to their appearance, the Chinese Crested is a gentle breed. It generously offers affection to its family, although its devotion is to its owner. It provides endless entertainment to children as it is agreeable to games and performs tricks that it has learned. Very young children who have a tendency to be rough should be supervised when interacting with this breed because it can easily become injured. When outdoors it may dig holes.

Height and Weight

The male Chinese Crested stands about 11-13 inches tall, while the female stands 9-12 inches tall. Both male and female weigh no more than 10 pounds.

Health Problems

The Chinese Crested is an elegant breed, but the hairless type is susceptible to skin problems. The problems are not genetic in nature and are best prevented by protecting the skin from extreme temperatures. In warming temperatures sun screen should be applied to the skin. During cold months the breed should wear a sweater or other clothing to keep it warm.

Ideal Living Conditions

The Chinese Crested is one of a few breeds that is perfect for


The Chinese Crested is a delicate breed that does not need a significant amount of exercise. Short walks are sufficient exercise. It is energetic and will obtain sufficient exercise while playing.

Life Expectancy

An average life expectancy of 10-12 years

Litter Size

An average of 2-4 puppies


Of the two types, the Hairless Chinese Crested requires the least amount of grooming. Since it has very little fur, shedding is not a problem. A gentle washing occasionally is all this is needed to keep its coat smooth. The Powder Puff type has a long coat that requires regular brushing to reduce shedding and to keep the coat mat free.


The Chinese Crested has roots in various ancient places. Before its arrival in China, it was a popul




Most colors are acceptable for the Chinese Crested. A coat of a single solid color as well as a combination of colors is acceptable. Some types have markings or spots spread across the body.