The Chihuahua is well known for its small size. Despite its small frame, the breed is physically powerful. The short, but well-developed muscles in its legs enable it to achieve incredible speeds and quickness. The torso is long and level. The head is small with ears that are set high and upright. The eyes are very large, almost seeming to bulge. The nose is long. The short coat Chihuahua is probably more well known. Chihuahuas can also have a long coat.


Devoted and loving to its family, the Chihuahua is a popular family pet. It has a tendency to offer unpleasant greetings to people and animals it does not know. Training the Chihuahua when it is a puppy can lessen the chance that it will become aggressive around visitors. Barking can become excessive, but this makes it a good dog for guarding property. While it is friendly and devoted to all family members, it displays most of its affectionate with its owner. The dog is typically not aggressive, but should not be left alone with children.

Height and Weight

Chihuahuas are an average of 6-9 inches tall and generally weigh between 3 and 7 pounds.

Health Problems

The Chihuahua is generally free of any genetic health problems, but its size may lend it to problems with its joints. Some types may develop arthritis.

Ideal Living Conditions

The ideal living conditions for the Chihuahua is anywhere its owner resides. Its size and temperament makes its ideal for indoor living. It also has an opportunity to follow its owner around from room to room.


The Chihuahua is basically an indoor breed. It requires a limited amount of mild exercise on a daily basis. A daily walk of at least 30 minutes will keep the Chihuahua in good shape.

Life Expectancy

An average of 15-20 years life expectancy

Litter Size

An average of 1-4 puppies


Both the long and short coat Chihuahua are low maintenance. Both types require minimal brushing, but the long coat type can be maintained with either a brush or comb. Both coats shed, but only lightly.


The history of the Chihuahua is not completely known.




Any solid color or combination of colors is acceptable for the Chihuahua. The most common colors for the short coat type are black and grayish-brown.