Cesky Terrier


The bearded face of the Cesky Terrier is probably its most recognizable feature. The beard extends long past the chin and tends to be lighter than the predominate coat color. There is also a tuft of fur as wide on top of the head that lays forward and partially obstructs the eyes. The coat has a wavy look and is normally cliped close to the body. The coat from the forelegs to the hocks is long and extends past the feet. The head is long with a definite stop. The neck is long and angular. The ears are set hight and lay flat on the sides of the face. The torso is long and level.


Like most terriers, the Cesky Terrier is not an aggressive dog. It is mild mannered and seeks to please its owner. It extends affection to each family member, including other dogs in the household. Its companionship extends to children in the family. However, very young children should not be left alone with the Cesky Terrier.

Height and Weight

Male height: 10-12.5 inchesMale weight: 13-22 poundsFemale height: 10-12 inchesFemale weight: 11-20 pounds

Health Problems

The Cesky Terrier is generally a healthy breed. Some types have developed Scottie Cramp.

Ideal Living Conditions

Living in an apartment, large ranch-style home, or in a medium-size backyard is fine with the Cesky Terrier. However, most types are more content living indoors. This is because the breed enjoys close contact with its family members.


A tendency to eat too much food and indoor living can result in an overweight Cesky Terrier. Regular exercise is a must to keep it healhty. The good news is that the breed doesn’t require vigorous exercise. A short, 20-minute walk every day is sufficient for it to stay healthy.

Life Expectancy

Average of 10-13 years

Litter Size

An average of 2-6 puppies


The Cesky Terrier is a breed that requires special attention. Regular brushing or combing will prevent its wavy coat from becoming tangled and matted. Having a professional groomer clip the coat at least every two months is recommended. The groomer should know how to clip excess fur between its pads and from the ear area.


Frantisek Horak, a geneticist of the Czech Republic, developed the Cesky Terrier for its hunting skills


Terrier, Gun Dog


Most Cesky Terriers have a coat of bluish-gray. Some types may also have markings of white, buff, or pale yellow. Solid brown is the most common, but light-to-dark shades of dead grass are also acceptable.