Canaan Dog


The Canaan Dog is an average-size breed with long and strong limbs. The wolf-like structure of its head features a long muzzle that is somewhat pointed. The ears are somewhat set far apart and are triangular in shape. The breed has a definite stop. It has dark facial features. The breed’s neck is long and angles to its strong shoulders and level back. Its coat consists of two layers. The bottom layer is softer than the top layer that is coarse and straight. The breed’s tail is set level with the back and carried toward the back slightly.


The Canaan Dog is truly a family breed. It will guard its family and their property. It is best to raise this breed with any children or other pets so that it will get along better with them. Early socialization training can also help. Even with training this breed may still react aggressively toward dogs not in its family. Training this breed should not prove to be too difficult. It has an independent nature, but wants to please its owner. It may act cautiously around people it doesn’t know. It is generally a good watchdog, but may bark excessively. It is playful with children.

Height and Weight

Male height: 20-24 inchesMale weight: 45-55 poundsFemale height: 19-23 inchesFemale weight: 35-45 pounds

Health Problems

There are no health conditions associated with the Canaan Dog. This breed is considered a very healthy breed.

Ideal Living Conditions

The Canaan Dog can easily adapt to indoor and outdoor living conditions. The key to the breed living indoors is that it receive sufficient exercise. If the breed resides outdoors, a medium-size yard is all that is necessary for this breed to be content.


The Canaan has an average energy level. It loves playing, training, and working out with its family while they exercise. This breed has stamina and can endure running along with its owner.

Life Expectancy

The Canaan Dog has an average life expectancy of 12-13 years.

Litter Size

The Canaan Dog has an average of 5 puppies.


Brushing the coat of the Canaan Dog at least a couple of times each week is sufficient grooming for this breed. More brushing is required during shedding season since this breed usually sheds heavily. Washing the coat of this breed is only needed occasionally.


The Canaan Dog is considered an ancient breed. It originates from Palestine (present day Israel)




The Canaan Dog may have a solid coat of black, white, brown, or red. A combination coat of white and black is also acceptable for this breed.