The basic build of the Boxer is comparable to its name. This breed has a body and head that are square in shape. Aside from its general shape, this breed has distinctive facial features. There are a lot of wrinkles just above the eyes coming toward the nose. It has a large black mouth and wide nose that is also black in color. The muzzle is in balance. The breed’s neck is well muscled and strong, as are its level back. The back is somewhat short in length. It has cropped ears and a docked tail. This breed has a coat that is short and glossy. It stands on muscular limbs. The front legs are straight. The back legs are somewhat angled.


The Boxer is a breed that is an all around great family pet. It is easy to train, although it may have a tendency toward independence. Training for this breed should start when it is a puppy. It has patience for children, who can often play a bit rough with dogs. This breed can peacefully coexist with other pets. The Boxer enjoys spending time with its family.

Height and Weight

Male height: 22-25 inchesMale weight: 65-80 poundsFemale height: 21-23 inchesFemale weight: 50-65 pounds

Health Problems

The most common health problem that the Boxer may develop is hip dysplasia. This is a common condition among dog breeds. Cardiomyopathy is a serious condition that this breed may also develop. Very few cases exist, but this breed may also develop gastric torsion and problems with its eyes.

Ideal Living Conditions

The Boxer needs room to run around, so outdoor living conditions are most suitable for this breed. However, this breed tends to bond with its family and is probably more content living indoors. It may be a good idea to allow the breed to spend the day hours outdoors and to spend the evening hours indoors. This arrangement is definitely a good idea if the family is away during the day. This breed is not suitable for environments where there is extreme heat or cold. It is best that the breed remain indoors if the weather is very warm or very cold.


The Boxer will enjoy any type of exercise it is given. Whether its owner takes if for a walk, plays with it, or takes it jogging, this breed will be content.

Life Expectancy

The Boxer tends to live 8-10 years.

Litter Size

The Boxer has an average of 6 puppies.


The Boxer has a smooth coat that does not require a significant amount of maintenance. Brushing regularly and washing infrequently are all that is necessary for the coat. More frequent brushing is probably necessary during shedding season.


Like most breeds, the Boxer’s history is somewhat sketchy.




Varying shades of brown and gray make up the Boxer’s coat.