The Borzoi has a distinct appearance. From the breed’s profile, a long torso and strong thighs are witnessed. The legs are long and strong. The front legs are straight under the breed. There is slight angulation in the back legs. Its head appears somewhat small for its body, but is actually in proportion. The neck is very strong and angles to its shoulders. It has a long tail that is set lower than its back. the coat is luxurious. On most of its body the fur is long and wavy. The head, legs, and ears have shorter fur.


The Borzoi has a quiet and reserved temperament. It loves to spend time with its family, but usually is not entertaining. It is fine with children, but not usually playful with them. There is usually no problem with this breed around dogs. It may not coexist with small pets since it has a natural instinct to hunt small animals. It is obedient and does fine with training. This breed definitely needs socialization skills. Without this training it can act too shy.

Height and Weight

Male height: 28 inchesMale weight: 75-105 poundsFemale height: 26 inchesFemale weight: 60-85 pounds

Health Problems

The Borzoi is a healthy breed. Gastric torsion is a serious health condition that some types may develop.

Ideal Living Conditions

The Borzoi is fine indoors or outdoors. The breed will not get the exercise it needs when it resides indoors, so it is recommended that the breed have extra opportunities for exercise if it resides indoors. Outdoor types must live within a fenced area.


The Borzoi should have several opportunities for exercise if it lives indoors. Outdoor types will get the exercise they need, but should still have daily walks for fitness.

Life Expectancy

The Borzoi has an average life expectancy of 10-12 years.

Litter Size

The Borzoi has an average of 6-7 puppies.


The Borzoi has an elegant-looking coat, but it is not very difficult to maintain. By simply brushing the coat on a regular basis it can stay beautiful. The coat does shed heavily and requires more brushing during this time. The coat can be washed, but it is not necessary.


The Borzoi is an ancient breed developed in Russia.




The coat of the Borzoi can be any color.