Border Terrier


The Border Terrier is a breed developed for hunting. Its body is greater in height than length, and is strong. It has an average size head with a somewhat short muzzle. Its facial features are large. The ears are smaller than average and are triangular in shape. Its neck is well muscled and broad to the shoulders. the breed’s tail is wide at its straight back and narrows to the tip. It has a dual layer coat. Both layers are thick, but the bottom layer lies close to the body.


The Border Terrier is both a great household pet and effective hunting companion. It is playful and makes a great playmate for children . It generally gets along with other dogs. It is bred to hunt small game and may chase small animals, including those that are pets in its household. It is independent, but trainable. This breed is curious and its curiosity may lead it to destructive behavior if it becomes discontent.

Height and Weight

Male height: 10-11 inchesMale weight: 13-15 poundsFemale height: 10-11 inchesFemale weight: 11-14 pounds

Health Problems

The Border Terrier is generally a healthy breed. There are currently no serious health problems associated with this breed. Some types may develop hip dysplasia, but this is rare.

Ideal Living Conditions

The Border Terrier can easily adapt to living outdoors and indoors. The difference in the two living environments is that if it lives indoors it requires more exercise.


The Border Terrier is an energetic breed that must have sufficient exercise on a daily basis. This is especially true if the breed spends a significant amount of time indoors. Training exercises that develop mental and physical skills is recommended for this breed. It will also enjoy a walk or run.

Life Expectancy

The Border Terrier typically lives 12-15 years.

Litter Size

The Border Terrier typically has 3-6 puppies.


Not much care is required for the Border Terrier. The breed’s coat only needs regular brushing and occasional washing. While a professional groomer is not required, it is a good idea to have a professional trim the hair as needed to keep it clean and healthy.


Some time during the 18th century, the Border Terrier was developed in Great Britain.




There are numerous colors that are acceptable for the coat of the Border Terrier. In general, the coat is a shade of light brown or red, each color existing alone or in combination with the other color.