Border Collie


The Bordie Collie is a breed with a somewhat compact build. It has a long torso with well-muscled front and back legs. Its thighs and legs are strong. It has a medium size head with a muzzle that is average in length. Its ears are average in size and are usually open facing its face. The position of the ears gives the breed an expressive appearance. Its neck is strong and angles to its shoulders. This breed has a coat that consists of two layers. The bottom layer, referred to as the undercoat, is thick and soft. The top layer is more rough, but smooth and straight. The breed’s tail is set lower than its back. The breed carries its tail low, near the hocks.


One of the reasons the Bordie Collie is such a popular family pet is its temperament. It is energetic and devoted to its family. It is fine with children and does well with other pets in the home. How it reacts around other pets varies. It has a high intelligence level and responds well to training. It is a working dog that does best in environments where it is kept busy. The breed will probably not do well in a home where it is left alone or most of the time. The breed can become destructive if it doesn’t have anything to do.

Height and Weight

Male height: 20-23 inchesMale weight: 30-45 poundsFemale height: 18-21 inchesFemale weight: 30-45 pounds

Health Problems

The Border Collie may develop hip dysplasia, a common condition among dogs. The breed is also susceptible to develop progressive retinal atrophy (PRA) and lens luxation. Some types may develop ceroid lipofuscinosis. Although seen only on rare occasions, since there are some serious health problems associated with this breed, it is a good idea to have its health evaluated by a professional.

Ideal Living Conditions

The Border Collie needs to roam free in an open space that is enclosed with a fence. The breed doesn’t need a lot of space, but a well-built fence is a must.


Both physical and mental exercise are important for the Border Collie. This breed has none to have problems when it is not sufficiently exercised. It is a good idea to engage this breed in a good training program and to provide it with regular opportunities of exercise.

Life Expectancy

The Border Collie tends to live 10-14 years.

Litter Size

The Border Collie tends to have an average litter size of 6-8 puppies.


The coat of the Bordie Collie is best kept in good condition with regular brushing and/or combing. The coat is soft and brushing will help to maintain its softness. This breed’s coat does not shed heavily during shedding seasons, but does require more attention during this time. The coat can be washed with a gentle shampoo, as needed.


The working nature of the Bordie Collie is a result of its breeding process.




The Border Collie’s coat consists of a multiple colors. It may have one, two, or three colors. Most colors are acceptable for this breed.