A small and strong stature describes the Bolognese. Its body is somewhat square. It has a strong and straight back with well-sprung rings. The head is average in size and well proportioned to its body. It has a definite stop. The muzzle is long. It has large eyes. Both the eyes and nose are dark in color. The eyes may be a dark color while the nose is always black. Its ears are average in length and fullness, and hangs loosely at the side of its head. The breed has an elongated neck that transitions nicely to its back. The breed stands on legs that are strong and moderately angular. The tail is set in line with the back and curls towards the back. The breed’s coat is long over most of its body. There is less fur on its head.


The Bolognese is a loveable family pet. It longs to be a part of its family’s activities. It will play with school-aged children in its household and gets along fine with other pets in the home. It will ark to alert is family of visitors, but will not go any further, such as become aggressive. Training this breed as a puppy is important to prevent shyness and to teach it how to behave indoors.

Height and Weight

The male Bolognese tends to be a bit taller than the female. The male stands about 10-12 inches while the female can stand 9-12 inches tall. Both types weigh an average of 8-14 pounds.

Health Problems

There are no serious health problems associated with the Bolognese. Some types develop problems with its eyes. It is a good idea to have the breed checked by a veterinarian.

Ideal Living Conditions

Indoor living conditions work best for the Bolognese. It is a small breed that only requires a limited amount of space for exercise and playing. It should be noted that this breed tends to bark excessively. If it will reside in an apartment, it may disturb close neighbors.


The Bolognese does not require a significant amount of exercise. The amount it needs is easily obtained indoors when it is playing or walking around the house.

Life Expectancy

The average life expectancy of the Bolognese is 14 years.

Litter Size

The Bolognese tends to have 6-7 puppies.


Grooming is important for the Bolognese. This breed must be at least brushed daily. Combing may also help to prevent the coat from matting or becoming tangled. The coat will need to be groomed more often during shedding season. In addition to brushing and combing coat, the breed also needs regular inspection of its nails and ears. These should be cleaned as necessary. Washing the coat is not a daily concern, but should be performed regularly.


As its name implies, the Bolognese has its roots in Bologna, Italy.




The Bolognese can only have a solid coat of white. No other coat color is acceptable for this breed.