The Boerboel is a breed of good physical balance and strength. The breed has a massive head that is wedge shaped, but balance. The ears are average in size and triangular in shape. The ears lie close to the side of its head. It has a strong and level back. Its tail is docked. The neck is muscular and flows into muscular shoulders. Its chest is very wide and deep. The front legs of this breed are straight and the back legs are sturdy and well muscled. Its coat lies close to its skin and is smooth to the touch.


A fearless, loyal, and gentle temperament describe the general nature of the Boerboel. It is a breed whose confidence leads it to protect its family as necessary. It is a natural guard dog that is leery of people it doesn’t know. It is playful and patient with children in its household. The breed will do fine with other animals, including dogs in its home. It is very smart, affectionate, and devoted. It is also responsive to training.

Height and Weight

Male height: 25-28 inchesMale weight: 150-200 poundsFemale height: 23-25 inchesFemale weight: 150-200 pounds

Health Problems

The Boerboel is a very health breed that is not associated with any major or minor health problems.

Ideal Living Conditions

Small living conditions, such as a condominium or apartment are not recommended for the Boerboel. This breed needs a lot of room to run around in. It will do best in an environment with a large yard.


As long as the Boerboel has adequate living conditions it will usually obtain the exercise it needs on its own. It will also enjoy spending time with its owner on a daily walk or playing.

Life Expectancy

The Boerbel tends to live 10-12 years.

Litter Size

The average number of puppies a Boerboel has is 7-10.


Like most breeds, the Boerboel will do fine with a good brushing. On most occasions the coat only needs to be brushed infrequently. When the coat sheds, more brushing is necessary. The coat can be washed, but it shouldn’t be necessary more than once a month.


The history of the Boerboel is somewhat vague. It is believed to have been developed in South Africa




The coat of the Boerboel is either brown, reddish-brown, light brown, or cream. The coat may also have a combination coat.