Bleus de Gascogne


The Bleus de Gascogne has very distinct characteristics. The breed has a long torso with short legs. Its back is level. The neck is well angled with not much length. It has a deep and wide chest. Its tail is set level with its back and is carried low, just at the hocks. Its head is average in size with a long muzzle and a somewhat visible stop. The ears are long and hang past the mouth.


The Bleus de Gascogne makes a good pet. It gets along with everyone in its household. It is a breed that generally does well with children. Since it is a gentle breed, children should not handle it roughly. Other pets are fine, but there may be friction if it lives with other dogs. With its family, this breed is very sociable and amicable. The Bleu de Gascogne is obedient. Training is a good idea when it is young.

Height and Weight

The Bleus de Gascogne is about 25-28 inches tall and weighs about 71-77 pounds.

Health Problems

There only a few health problems associated with the Bleus de Gascogne. It may have eye and heart problems. Hip dysplasia a common occurence in most breeds and may develop in the Bleus de Gascogne.

Ideal Living Conditions

The Bleus de Gascogne is more suitable for living conditions related to the outdoors. From a suburban home with a medium-size fence yard, to an urban country home, this breed loves space to run around.


The Bleus de Gascogne requires a sufficient amount of exercise daily. While a daily walk will suffice for its exercise needs, the breed would prefer more vigorous and physically demanding exercise.

Life Expectancy

The Bleus de Gascogne tends to live about 12 years.

Litter Size

The Bleus de Gascogne has an average of 7-9 puppies.


Very little grooming is needed for the Bleus de Gascogne. The coat only requires minimal brushing and washing.


The Bleus de Gascogne was named for the French province from which it originated.




The coat of the Bleus de Gascogne consists of three main colors: white, black, and blue. White exists the most in the coat.