Blackmouth Cur


The features of the Blackmouth Cur are somewhat intimidating. Every aspect of its body conveys strength. Its torso is elongated, but muscular. It stands straight on its forelegs and hindquarters. Its slightly angled neck extends to its broad chest. The ears are average in size and fold inward. The tail is average in length and remains level while in motion or motionless. The nose is black and almost seems to blend into its signature black mouth. The eyes are typically a lighter color than the black rings that encircle them. The coat can vary in color and density.


The Blackmouth Cur is a breed that desires to please its owner and family members. It is easy going, devoted, and disciplined. It protective nature extends to not only its owner’s property, but to the children in the family. In fact, if a child is disciplined, the Blackmouth Cur may exhibit behavior showing its disapproval of the discipline. It is fine with other family pets. May be suspicious with welcomed visitors.

Height and Weight

Male height: 24.5-29 inchesMale weight: 68-78 poundsFemale height: 16-22 inchesFemale weight: 35-50 pounds

Health Problems

The Blackmouth Cur is a healthy breed. There are no major health conditions associated with it. It is prone to ear infections, as is the case with breeds that have long ears that can trap bacteria and debris. Inspecting the ears on a regular basis and reporting any abnormalities to a veterinarian is recommended to keep ear infections at bay.

Ideal Living Conditions

An apartment is not suitable for this breed. The Blackmouth Cur is a large dog that requires a sizeable amount of space. If it stays in a yard, the area must be large enough for it to run around. The area should also have a sturdy fence to keep the breed from wondering outside the yard and claiming additional territory.


The Blackmouth Cur is bred as a high-energy dog and it will seek to expend its energy. In addition to being able to run about free with a large space, daily runs or fast-paced walks will meet its exercise requirement. If taught, swimming is an excellent source of exercise for the breed during warm temperatures. In addition to physical exercise, it also requires a mental workout. Training is essential to increase their mental capabilities.

Life Expectancy

Average of 12-16 years

Litter Size

Average of 6-10 puppies


The Blackmouth Cur’s smooth coat needs only occasional brushing. Bathing is fine as long as it isn’t too frequent, as this can lead to dry skin. The toenails can be clipped to prevent them from becoming a nuisance to the dog.


The origin of the Blackmouth Cur is unknown.




The coat of the Blackmouth Cur is usually not a solid color. It is instead a reddish color. The mask is black in some types. A bit of white may exist on the chest, chin, and legs.