Black Russian Terrier


The Black Russian Terrier is one of the largest breeds of its group, the Terrier. Its entirely black coat that is curly and dense is its trademark feature. It is a strong breed, as characterized by its muscular hindquarters and neck. Its torso is even and supported by forelegs that are situated straight under the body and hindquarters that veer forward. Despite its massive size, it has compact feet. The dark facial features are almost ambiguous midst the dark and thick coat. A beard-life growth of fur is situated under the chin. The ears are small in size and fold forward. The tail is short and docked.


Terriers are usually considered tame and gentle breeds. The Black Russian Terrier is not a vicious dog at all, but can assume a dominant role if its owner lacks dominant traits. It is very self-assured yet good-natured. The breed was developed with guard dog instincts, so it will exhibit protective behavior whether it is for its ownerтАЩs property or its family members. Children will find the dog an excellent playmate, although supervision is recommended because of the dogтАЩs large size and lively nature. It may not coexist as easily with household pets that are similar in size.

Height and Weight

Male height: 24.5-29 inchesMale weight: 68-78 poundsFemale height: 26-28 inchesFemale weight: 70-85 pounds

Health Problems

In general, the Black Russian Terrier is a healthy breed. The breed is associated with a few genetic disorders, including elbow and hip dysplasia, and Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA).

Ideal Living Conditions

The Black Russian Terrier is unusual in the fact that it is a large-sized dog that is adaptable to indoor living. However, types kept indoors will require more outdoor physical activity. If kept outdoors, the size of the yard doesn’t matter. It can adapt accordingly. It is more content to indoor living because it is closer to its family members.


Daily exercise is necessary for the Black Russian Terrier. If it does not live in an environment where it is constantly working, it is necessary that is exposed to several hours of physical activity.

Life Expectancy

An average of 10-14 years

Litter Size

Average of 6-12 puppies


The curly coat of the Black Russian Terrier should be brushed on a daily basis. The coat shed lightly, but is not enough to become a nuisance or to require a significant amount of maintenance. Maintaining the curly look of the coat is best achieved by a professional groomer. Bathing the dog on a regular basis is recommended.


1930 is considered when the beginning of the Black Russian Terrier.


Terrier, Working


A few splotches of gray may exist, but the coat of the Black Russsian Terrier is usually completely black.