Belgian Tervuren


The Belgian Turvuren shares an elegant look with its close relative, the Belgian Malonois. Its forlegs are straight while its hindlegs are angled forward. The torso is level. The chest is deep and stretches upward giving the breed a proud appearance. The neck is muscular and slightly elongated. The coat has a smooth, yet blow dried appearance. The coat is darkest at the saddle and the back of the collar. It is thickest around the collar and at the hindquarters. The ears are set high on the head and triangular with an alert appearance. Its eyes are dark brown. When the dog is inactive the tail is tucked closely to the back of legs. During periods of activity the tail extends level with the torso and curls upward.


The herding nature of the Belgian Turvuren is difficult to eradicate. This is because it is the breedтАЩs strongest trait. What this means is that the breed will act and respond in a home as it would while herding livestock. It is energetic and tends to herd its owner or family members by nudging them or nipping at their heels. Despite its high energy it is usually serene and peaceful. It can easily become bored and seek out means of activity that might lead to destruction of belongings. It doesnтАЩt demand attention, but appreciates being active with its owner or family members. It enjoys mental activity as well as physical activity and is easy to train.

Height and Weight

Male height: 21.5-26.5 inchesMale weight: 60-64 poundsFemale height: 21-26 inchesFemale weight: 60-64 pounds

Health Problems

The Belgian Tervuren is a healthy breed, in general. It is not associated with any major genetic disorders. Some types have been recorded as developing hip dysplasia, eye conditions, and epilepsy.

Ideal Living Conditions

The Belgian Tervuren is accustomed to living on a large ranch or country-side. However, it will adapt to residential living as long as it is placed in a spacious yard with a well-built fence.


If set loose in an open space, the Belgian Tervuren will run until its heart desires. If it lives in an environment that makes this level of physical activity inappropriate, it is necessary that they obtain other means of vigorous activity. It is an excellent running companion, as long as it is leashed.

Life Expectancy

Typically lives 12-14 years

Litter Size

An average of 6-10 puppies


The coat of the Belgian Tervuren sheds twice each year. Extra brushing during this time will help to keep the shedding to a minimum and to remove loose fur. In addition to it shedding, the coat is long and can become unruly. Either a brush or comb can be used to smooth the coat.






The prominent color of the Belgian Tervuren’s coat is red. The red may vary in intensity. Gray and fawn are other common colors of the coat.