Belgian Sheepdog


Just looking at the Belgian Sheepdog, one would think it was aware that it is considered the most revered of the four sheepdogs of Belgium. Although the female tends to have a more feminine appearance, both genders in the upright position showcase its elegant frame and strong build. The head features upright ears that are triangular and proportionate to the size of the head. The jet black coat is full and coarse to touch and is more full at the collar. The body is equivalent in length and height. Although not in the extreme, the hindlegs are angled.


The Belgian Sheepdog is a pleasure to see and to have around. Among the four sheepdogs originating from Belgium (Belgian Tervuren, Belgian Malinois, and Belgian Laekenois being the other three), it is considered the most suitable for home life. It is highly active, but easily adapts to the energy level of small children when it is interacting with them. It is even amiable with other household pets as long as it obtains social training. Caution is recommended when bringing another pet into the home as the Belgian Sheepdog may become territorial. It is receptive to training given that it is not forceful. It both a loving family pet and guard dog. Its devoted nature will cause it to go to any lengths to protect its family.

Height and Weight

Male height: 24-26 inchesMale weight: 60-65 poundsFemale height: 22-24 inchesFemale weight: 60-65 pounds

Health Problems

Despite its size, the Belgian Sheepdog is not associated with any major health problems. Some types may develop skin allergies or epilepsy.

Ideal Living Conditions

The long, thick coat of the Belgian Sheepdog makes it better suited for cooler temperatures. However, living indoors will suit the dog just fine since it prefers close contact with its family members. If kept indoors it will definitely need daily exercise to keep it from becoming to active indoors.


The exercise needs of the Belgian Sheepdog greatly exceed basic walking. It requires exercise that works its muscles and nearly tires it out. Running in a yard (preferably with a family member) or walking for at least an hour with a family member is best. Playing physical games for an hour or longer with the Belgian Sheepdog will also fulfill its exercise needs.

Life Expectancy

An average of 10-12 years

Litter Size

Average of 8-10 puppies


Like all sheepdogs, the coat of the Belgian Sheepdog sheds twice during the year. In addition to brushing the coat to loosen excess fur, clipping matted fur that may develop on the legs or other parts of the body is necessary. Ocassional washing is recommended.






An all-black coat is standard for the Belgian Sheepdog. It is acceptable for the coat to have patches of white, as long as it is minimal and only on the chest, tips of back toes, and chin.