Australian Terrier


The Australian Terrier has very delicate-looking features, but it is really a dog of strength. It stands erect with short, muscular legs and compact feet. It is longer than it is tall and has v-shaped ears that give it an appearance of being at attention. The torso is straight and ends with a docked tail. The coat is short and coarse and more prevalent around the face, legs, tail, and chest. The head The facial features are prominent and dark; usually black. The mask is of a darker color than the rest of the coat.


The Australian Terrier is a unique dog in the Working group; it is small in size and adapts to domestic life. It is loyal, full of energy, and courageous; traditional working dog behaviors. It tends to be reserved, but enjoys the company of its family. Its size and gentle temperament make it a great companion for children. Highly trainable, but can become feisty.

Height and Weight

Height: 10-11 inchesWeight: 12-14 pounds

Health Problems

Not associated with any major genetic disorders, but some types may develop luxated patellar, diabetes, and thyroid disorders.

Ideal Living Conditions

Its high energy is best suited for outdoor living, but just about any type of environment is suitable for the Australian Terrier. They will do fine if kept inside an apartment, but can become rambunctious if kept inside for too long. A daily walk is sufficient to keep them content indoors.


The highly active Australian Terrier surprisingly doesn’t require a significant amount of exercise. If they are placed in a yard they will obtain the exercise they need. Types kept indoors should be given at least a daily 20-minute walk.

Life Expectancy

Average of 12 years

Litter Size

Average of 3 puppies


Grooming is a natural part of the Australian Terrier regimen, so they are practically low maintenance. It does require trimming to keep the coat short and close to the body. Hairs can grow long and obstruct hearing and vision. Trimming is also needed in these areas. It is prone to dry skin, so a gentle and non-drying shampoo should be used for baths.


As indicated by the name, the Australian Terrier was bred in Australia.


Terrier, Working


The Australian Terrier may have a coat of solid light brown or red, or a combination of tan and blue.