Argentine Dog


The Argentine Dog is a large dog with physical features that are as physically powerful as they are distinctive. A short, white coat of small hairs covers its body. The coat is thick and shiny. The face consists of dark, deep features. The muzzle is slightly overshot the stop. The ears are triangular and generally close to the head and docked. Long, muscular limbs are its assets as a hunting companion of large game. The neck and chest are thick and broad while the torso is lean yet strong. Its tail is long and usually hangs low.


The physically powerful quality of the Argentine Dog often causes it to be mistaken for a forceful and dangerous dog. The complete opposite is true for the Argentine Dog who is easily trained to be loyal and protective of its family. It will safely play with and tolerate the unpredictable nature of young children. As an independent leader, it does not integrate easily when placed in a household with existing dogs. A better plan is to raise them at a young age with other pets. It is a natural guard dog and will exhibit aggressive behavior with uninvited guests.

Height and Weight

Height: 24-27 inches Weight: 80-100 pounds

Health Problems

A small number of Argentine Dogs, typically white breeds, will be born deaf. Other health conditions associated with it are minor in nature and include allergies and hip dysplasia.

Ideal Living Conditions

The Argentine Dog is active, but is fine if kept in a medium-size apartment. Indoors, the dog is less active and typically will not become destructive. The ideal living conditions are a back yard with ample space for it to stretch its legs.


The Argentine Dog can become very active and requires a significant amount of exercise on a regular basis. Dogs kept indoors are more susceptible to weight gain and muscle loss and thus require more exercise. The outdoors Argentine Dog will obtain sufficient exercise.

Life Expectancy

Average of 11 years life expectancy

Litter Size

Average of 6 puppies


Minimal care is required to maintain the Argentine DogтАЩs coat short coat. Occasionally, hair will loosen from its coat. Lightly brushing across the coat will sweep these loose hairs away. As with most large dogs, its nails may require clipping. It is susceptible to a doggy odor, so regular baths are recommended.


The popularity of big game hunting in Argentina and the desire for a hunting companion comparable in




short straight and completely white hair.