American Water Spaniel


The often wavy and luxurious coat of the American Water Spaniel is its hallmark characteristic, but this soft and gentle-looking breed has attributes beyond those yielding aesthetic appeal. Its long and well-developed body was designed to carry it across water to assist hunting companions with water gaming. Its hindquarters are muscular and bony. The naturally water repellant coat protects it from extreme environmental elements. The coat moderately covers the entire body. The head is broad and round, but proportionate to the rest of the body. There is ample space between the brown-colored eyes. The ears are set higher than the eyes and hang below the nose. Its dark-colored nose is long and broad for heightened game scent detection.


The American Water Spaniel is naturally active and sociable. The only exception to its warmth is when it encounters other dogs who are not members of his same household. However, it can be trained to exhibit more acceptable behavior in such situations. Early training is especially beneficial in eliminating a fearful attitude. Unfortunately, training is limited in curtailing its unwarranted barking. An experienced trainer is recommended as new owners may become too harsh with impatience and actually make the dog more timid. For the sportsman or active family, the American Water Spaniel can be an entertaining and disciplined companion. The Spaniel is particularly playful with young children and other household pets.

Height and Weight

Height: 15-18 inchesWeight: 25-45 pounds

Health Problems

The American Water Spaniel is a generally healthy dog, but potential owners of the American Water Spaniel should have tests performed to test for some of the health conditions that have started to develop. These include cancer, allergies, epilepsy, cataracts, and hypothyrodism. Other health conditions associated with the breed include hip dysplasia and skin infections.

Ideal Living Conditions

The environment most suitable for the American Water Spaniel is one that enables it to be active. A modest-size yard with a sturdy fence is appropriate for the lively Water Spaniel. A larger than average apartment will work as long as there is room for activity.


The American Water Spaniel is a natural for outdoor sports. It enjoys swimming, running, and long walks. It is very difficult to exhaust the Water Spaniel. Indoor types who are generally inactive are most susceptible to becoming overweight.

Life Expectancy

Averrage of 11-14 years life expectancy

Litter Size

Average of 4-6 puppies


A shiny coat is the hallmark of the American Water Spaniel. While it is attractive and helps the dog in water, it requires regular baths and brushing. A gentle shampoo formulated for oily coats is recommended. Clipping is minimal; typically only necessary for excessive hair in ears and on top of head.


There is only speculation surrounding the origination of the American Water Spaniel.




Luxuriant dark brown or dark red are the typical colors of the American Water Spaniel. It may also have a patch of white across its chest.