American Eskimo


The thick, fluffy white coat that obscures its compact frame is the most distinctive feature of the American Eskimo dog. In direct contrast to its soft appearance are its dark facial features. Its short, pointed ears are broad and set high on its head. There is a slight slope from the collar to the torso. The chest is broad and deep and exposes the thickest plot of fur. The tail is thick with longer fur and curls flat onto the saddle. The legs are strong and proportionate to the rest of the body.


The American Eskimo is playful, energetic, and smart. It can exhibit hypersensitive tendencies and bark almost incessantly if not trained properly. It has a preference for high octane play, but is content with moderate walks alongside a family member. Supervision is recommended when the rambunctious American Eskimo plays with young children. It is affectionate and appreciates attention from family members. Aggression is not a natural behavior, but may surface if its environment is unloving or exhibits harsh treatment. A natural guardian, it is protective of its family and other household pets. This behavior is extended even to welcomed guests whose trust it may eventually obtain over time.

Height and Weight

The American Eskimo dog is either of three sizes. Toy size is 9-12 inches and weighs 8-13 pounds, miniature size is 12-15 inches and weighs 20-25 pounds, and the standard size is 15-19 inches and weighs 25-35 pounds.

Health Problems

The general health outlook of the American Eskimo is good. Some minor health conditions that it may develop include hip dysplasia, urinary tract stone, and allergies. Dermatitis may develop, but is easily prevented with regular grooming.

Ideal Living Conditions

The American Eskimo is a medium-size dog that is not overly energetic, so that is suitable for an apartment or larger residence. However, their alert barking may become a nuisance with neighboring apartment residents. A fenced yard will provide it ample opportunity for exercise.


The moderate energy of the American Eskimo is easily released through regular walks. Some types will obtain sufficient exercise through play, but indoor types will need outdoor activity to prevent them from becoming overweight.

Life Expectancy

The American Eskimo has a better than average life expectancy. They typically live 15-16 years.

Litter Size

5 puppies is the average litter size of the American Eskimo.


The thick, double coat of the American Eskimo sheds regularly. Brushing the coat at least three or four times a week is necessary to keep the coat smooth and to prevent it from matting. During heavy shedding periods daily brushing may be necessary. It is susceptible to skin infections. Regular baths can help to keep the skin clean and healthy.


The American Eskimo dog is often considered to be a relative of the Alaskan Husky. However, the Amer




White or biscuit is the distinct color of the American Eskimo.