American Cocker Spaniel


The small American Cocker Spaniel has a lot to offer in visual appreciation. It is best known for its smooth and silky coat that lays flat against its torso and flows downward to completely obstruct its legs and feet. Its frame rises in height from its saddle to its collar. The head is round and normal in comparison to the rest of the body and is flanked by low-hanging ears that are covered with wavy fur. The skull is broad. Its eyes are almond in shape. The neck is long and front. The soft and gentle appearance is offset by its muscular legs.


The American Cocker Spaniel is an enjoyable family pet. It is friendly with all family members, invited guests, and other family pets. It has a humble and sensitive nature and loves to spend time playing with its family. Bred as a gundog, it enjoys the outdoors and It is well-known for its barking, sometimes for no reason. Housebreaking it does not come easy. Some types are fearful and may respond negatively to discipline. Training by a professional or an owner with gentle temperament works best.

Height and Weight

Male height: 14.5-15.5 inchesMale weight: 24-28 poundsFemale height: 13.5-14.5 inchesFemale weight: 24-28 pounds

Health Problems

Eye conditions, such as glaucoma and cataracts are most common in the American Cocker Spaniel. It, like most small breeds, is also susceptible to patellar luxation (knee cap dislocation). Depending on the environment and diet, some types may also develop liver disease, entropion, allergies, ectropion, Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA), seborrhea, and urolithiasis.

Ideal Living Conditions

Playtime is the favorite time of the American Cocker Spaniel. It is energetic whether it is kept indoors or outdoors. Its small size makes it perfect for about any size home. However, it will require some time outdoors to release its energy if it is kept in quarters where it is forced to inactivity.


An American Cocker Spaniel kept outdoors in a yard will obtain sufficient exercise. If it spends most of the time indoors where it is inactive, a walk at least once each day is a good idea to keep it from gaining excess weight. The good news about the American Cocker Spaniel is that it doesnтАЩt require very much exercise.

Life Expectancy

An average life expectancy of 14 years

Litter Size

Anywhere from 1-7 puppies


The American Cocker SpanielтАЩs most distinguishing feature is its coat. It gives the dog its greatest appeal, but it can easily become a source of agony for its owner. . The coat hangs from the torso down to the feet and can trap debris and become tangled. This is especially true if it spends time outside. A professional grooming will help to keep the coat in good shape and daily brushing will help to keep the coat tangle free and smooth between grooming sessions.


The Cocker Spaniel is one of the oldest breeds in the world. The line of Cocker Spaniels follows a l




Solid shades of tan, cream, chocolate, black, red, and a mixture of them are common in the American Cocker Spaniel. The coat typically has variances in color.