American Bulldog


The working-class American Bulldog is a breed of great strength. Well-developed muscles are present in the neck, shoulders, and legs. Females are also muscular, but not as much as the male. The head is both large and wide with a comparable-sized muzzle. The eyes are dark and usually round while the nose is broad and black. The modest-sized ears are thin and set high on the head and tend to fall. The chest is broad and set low. The tail is low and may be docked. Its coat is short and smooth and in various shades. The coat may also be primarily white with colored markings.


The American Bulldog is calm, playful, and energetic. It has a domineering attitude and requires training to assimilate with other family pets. They may balk at training, so constant reprimands by its owner may be necessary for lessons to become permanent. It is best with an owner who has no problem handing out discipline. It is generally pleasant around family members, but supervision is recommended when interacting with young children. It may take some time, but it will exhibit the same friendly behavior towards invited guests that it shows its family.

Height and Weight

Male height: 22-27 inchesMale weight: 75-125 poundsFemale height: 20-25 inchesFemale weight: 60-100 pounds

Health Problems

The American Bulldog is not recognized with any serious health conditions, but is prone to skin problems. These conditions may result from allergic reactions to insect bites. Keeping the coat clean and checking for insect bites can lessen the threat of skin problems. Skin problems are especially troublesome for the American Bulldog in warm climates.

Ideal Living Conditions

The American Bulldog is a тАЬpeopleтАЭ dog. The best environment for it is one in which it has close contact with its family. It will do fine unchained outdoors as long as family members play with often. It will become very discontent and destructive (indoors and outdoors) if left alone for a long period of time.


To keep the American Bulldog healthy and strong, both mentally and physically, regular opportunities for exercise are important. If kept in a moderate-size yard it will obtain sufficient exercise, but it would appreciate regular outings with its family members. An American Bulldog kept indoors will generally not be able to obtain proper exercise, so it is imperative that time is taken to give it the exercise it needs.

Life Expectancy

Typically has a life expectancy of 12 years.

Litter Size



The short coat of the American Bulldog requires minimal grooming. Brushing the coat regularly is all that is needed to keep it smooth and free of loose hair during shedding. When the toenails are long the dog can inadvertently cause harm to family members or other household pets. It is necessary to clip the toenails on a regular basis.


The fighting and working spirit of the American Bulldog was bred down from its early ancestors of As


Guardian, Working


Most solid or combination color coats are acceptable for the American Bulldog. The exceptions are black, blue, and the combination of white, black, and tan.