American Brittany


The American Brittany has a body built for speed and agility. The legs are long and disproportionate to the frame of the body that declines as it reaches the tail. The front legs stand straight in balance with the high chest. The hind legs are angled and forward. The head is round and distinct. The ears are short, set just above the eyes, and lie loosely against the sides of the head. The shoulders are erect and muscular. An absent or docked tail is characteristic, but many have a short tail that is no longer than four inches in length.


The American Brittany is an all-around pleasant breed. Its easy-going nature and ability to be trained make it a welcome indoor companion. It is extremely active and will play on hours with family members or other family pets if given the opportunity. Young children are welcome playmates, but supervision is recommended to ensure the Brittany doesnтАЩt become too spirited and rough with the child. Social activities, such as sporting trips and family games are significant to keeping it content. However, it will endure short-term solitude if trained for guard duty.

Height and Weight

Male and female American Brittany are only slightly different in height in weight. The average height is 17-20 inches. The average weight is 30тАУ40 pounds.

Health Problems

American Brittany are susceptible to hip dysplasia, Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA), and glaucoma. Some types may develop nervous conditions if they are forced to remain inactive for longer periods of time.

Ideal Living Conditions

The American Brittany does not require a large living space, so an apartment or other small living area is fine. The trade off, of course, is that they are able to walk, run, or play with you on a regular basis. Will do fine outdoors if another household pet also shares the yard. Prefers indoors to be close to family and activity.


The answer to how to calm the often overactive American Brittany is to provide opportunities for ample exercise. It will run and obtain sufficient exercise in a moderately sized yard. Since it appreciates spending time with family members and sporting activities, running and playing with them in a fenced area will achieve the goals of exercise and companionship. It needs exercise at least once each day; the longer the session the more at ease it will be afterwards.

Life Expectancy

The American Brittany has a lifespan of about 15 years.

Litter Size

The American Brittany can have as many as 11 puppies. The average litter size is 6.


Grooming the American Brittany is not particularly time consuming. The coat does shed so regular brushing will help to lessen the amount of fur that is left behind their favorite lounging spot (usually all over the house if kept indoors!) Regular baths are also recommended to keep the coat healthy and smooth.


The American Brittany is believed to have originated in 1800s from the breeding of a French Land Spa




The primary color is white and it is usually combined with orange or red.