Akbash Dog


The Akbash Dog is a canine of great distinction. It has dark features with the exception of its coat, which is completely white. The large and lean dog is equipped with long legs that enable it to move fast and with agility. The head is large and flanked by ears that are V-shaped. The hindparts feature long, muscular legs and a lengthy tail is feathered and curls upward. Both male and female Akbash Dogs have strong bodies, but the male has a larger skull and is more muscular in appearance. They are very smart dogs with a keen sense of hearing, smell, and sight.


The Akbash Dog has the nickname “White Livestock” because of its white coat and usual job of protecting livestock. Although a “working” environment is best suited for the Akbash Dog, it can possibly make a great family pet. Don’t expect much from training and typical domestic dog activities (retrieiving balls and frisbees). The Akbash Dog will play with and exhibit its protective nature with small children and other pets, especially if they are raised with them. The Akbash are strong, independent, loyal, and courageous. They are usually mild mannered, but can become very aggressive (to the point of biting) when they encounter strangers. They can also become destructive when they are bored or are unable to run around.

Height and Weight

Male Average Height: 31 inches Male Average Weight:120 pounds Female Average Height: 30 inches Female Average Weight: 100 pounds

Health Problems

Hip dysplasia, kidney failure, various forms of cancer, and epilepsy are possible health conditions that the Akbash Dog may experience. These are not usually genetically linked, but instead associated with other issues such as the environment and diet.

Ideal Living Conditions

Living on a farm or ranch guarding livestock is the ideal living situation for the Akbash Dog. However, many are raised and easily adapt to living with families in suburban environments. In these types of environments, the Akbash Dog must be placed without a chain in a yard that has a durable fence that is at least 5 feet tall and that has plenty of space for physical activity.


In its young years the Akbash Dog is considered a high-energy dog and requires regular exercise. As they age they are more calm and only need a daily walk.

Life Expectancy

12 years

Litter Size

The average litter size is 7-9 puppies


The length of the Akbash Dog’s coat varies among the breed, but all have a double coat that light sheds during warm months. The coat is virtually self-maintained, however, regular brushing during this time can shorten the amount of time the dog sheds.


It is believed that the Akbash Dog originated from a guard dog being bred with a sight hound. The na


Flock Guard


The Akbash Dog’s white coat is its most distinctive feature.

Breed Clubs

Akbash Association of America, Inc (ADAA)

Breed Rescues

Akbash Dogs International Rescue