African Wild Dog


The hyena and African Wild Dog have very similar features. Both have patch-like markings on their fur, but that is where the similarities end. The African Wild Dog has a coat that lays closely to its skin and is thickest at the tail that is bushy. The rounded, large ears that are set high on the head and not so far apart. The mask is black with a lighter shade from the eyebrows to the sides of the face with a streak of black down the middle. Despite its lean frame it is very muscular and strong. The lean frame and long legs enable it to achieve high rates of speed that is often necessary to capture its prey.


The temperament of the African Wild Dog varies when it is in the pack and outside the pack. It has an aggressive nature, but in the pack only a single male and female exhibit dominate behavior. If it encounters opposition, usually with another animal, it will not back down. The African Wild Dog is very nurturing. Weaker pack members, such as the young, injured, or elderly are taken care of by all members of the pack. Pack members are friendly and jovial with one another and there are rarely any violent fights among them.

Height and Weight

The African Wild Dog has the same size regardless of gender.Height: 24-31 inchesWeight: 38-79 pounds

Health Problems

Animals in the wild are at a greater risk of developing life threatening diseases. The African Wild Dog may contract distempter, parvovirus, and rabies. These diseases are easily spread among the pack since the dogs stay close to one another.

Ideal Living Conditions

As it names implies, Africa is the home of the African Wild Dog, particular the Sahara Desert. It generally appreciates large open spaces within thick woodlands. The numbers of dogs remaining is decreasing. In attempts to preserve the breed, many now reside in national parks where the environment closely resembles their home life in Africa, with the exception of dangerous predators.


In its natural habitat where it typically chases its prey for as long as an hour, the African Wild Dog will obtain sufficient exercise. In a zoo they will require a significant amount of exercise.

Life Expectancy

The African Wild Dog has an average lifestpan of 10-12 years. It is estimated that the breed is in danger of becoming extinct. If measures aren’t taken to preserve the breed it could be extinct in as few as 10 years.

Litter Size

Average litter size is 7-14 puppies


The short coat of the African Wild Dog does not require a significant amount of grooming. Pack members will remove any insects or debris from each other’s coat.


Many years ago the African Wild Dog existed in large numbers across the African content. The thousan




The coat of the African Wild Dog is characterized by patches of black, white, blonde, and a very light yellowish-brown. The patches vary from one dog to the next.

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