Afghan Hound


At first glance the energy and athelticism of the Afghan Hound is obscured by its regal stature. Originating from the Middle East, the Afghan Hound has roots in both nobility and servant. Functioning equally in both levels (although more closely associated with its nobility as it is considered aloof) is probably the reason the Afghan Hound is such an acceptable pet. The Afghan Hound is distinct with its long and straight hairy coat that completely covers its slender physique. The athletic prouse of the Afghan Hound is one to watch. Its strong legs carry the Afghan Hound sprightly at high rates of speed and distance.


Afghan Hounds are dogs that are truly after their master’s own heart. They are loyal, protective, and independent. The Afghan Hound is generally tame, but may resemble a wayward child when unable to be active. Afghans’ gentle and playful nature make them suitable for children.

Height and Weight

The slender frame of the Afghan Hound measures a maximum height of 29 inches and maximum weight of 60 pounds.

Health Problems

Most Afghan Hounds will live their life without any major health problems. Of those that do experience illness, they are usually afflicted with problems of the eye, such as cataracts and corneal dystrophy that are genetically linked.

Ideal Living Conditions

Spacious environments that enable the Afghan Hound to express its penchant for lengthy running sessions are best. They are suitable for apartment living, but they must have daily opportunities to run and play.


Energy is something that abounds within the Afghan Hound. As long as they have the space, they can obtain sufficient exercise on their own. If their living environment confines them to the indoors or small spaces, at least two hours of each day they should be allowed to leave this environment so that they can release some energy.

Life Expectancy

10-14 years

Litter Size



The flowing and silky mane of the Afghan Hound is one of its most attractive qualities, but requires daily attention to keep its stunning appearance. Since the hair is long and thick and easily tangled, daily brushing is a neccessity. Careful attention to the mane is recommended during warm weather to prevent the hair from becoming excessively dry and matted.






Afghans vary in color, but rarely exist with markings or color variances; the coat is usually one shade througout.