Small and shaggy in appearance, the Affenpinscher is a breed that well-known for its tough yet gentle demeanor. The Affenpinscher closely resembles a terrier, but as the meaning of its German name indicates, has a monkey face. In the early 1600s the Affenpinscher served to protect its European masters from pesky indoor intruders, such as rats, and has not strayed far from its roots.


The temperament most associated with the Affenpinscher is one of a gentle and fun loving spirit. It is only when the breed feels that itself or its family is threatened that it displays an aggressive personality. In this case the Affenpinscher will show its unwavering bravery and confront its provoker, regardless of their size.

Height and Weight

Both the male and female Affenpinschers have a height that ranges from 7-9 inches and a weight range of 7-9 pounds.

Health Problems

The Affenpinscher is rare in that it is not associated with any major health problems.

Ideal Living Conditions

The size of Affenpinschers makes them perfect for indoor residnences, including apartments, but they will also be content if placed in a yard as long as it provides sufficent space for playing.


The active nature of the Affenpinscher is satisfied while playing, but long walks alongside a family member are best for keeping the spirited breed in good health. Attention should be given the Affenpinscher during walks in extreme temperatures. Protective clothing during cold months and a handy supply of ice or cold water are recommended.

Life Expectancy

Affenpinschers who live indoors typically live 10-12 years.

Litter Size

Affenpinschers generally have a 1-3 litter size.


Daily brushing of the Affenpinscher coat will prevent tangles and keep your furniture and clothes free of hair. In addition to brushing, combing through the coat with a large tooth comb is beneficial for keeping the coat smooth and neat. Regular trimming is necessary to remove long hairs that obstruct vision or hearing. A bath of water and a gentle shampoo will keep the Affenpinscher coat clean and free of debris that can easily get caught in it.






The majority of Affenpinschers are black, but they may also have a coat of gray, tan, red, or a combination.

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